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Organic oils are prepared from the natural forms through natural metabolic processes. Lipid is called as the scientific term for fatty acids. Similar minerals and essential nutrients are often found in oils produced from living things. They are defined as carrier oils. Everyone wants to get healthy and beautiful hair but they forget to maintain their hair from the beginning.

People prefer to use various kinds of hair care products which are composed and formulated by chemicals. Due to this, hair loses its moisture and get deprived of essential nutrients. Frequent changing of these hair care oils and shampoos also leads to the damage and hair fall issue. One of the possible ways to get your healthy hair back is by oiling your hair regularly. Organic oils are also known as Natural oils.

what is a carrier oil?

An organic oil or herbal oil is a plant-derived oil that is used to “carry” another substance (usually an essential oil) to the skin or in this case to the hair and scalp. It is needed because essential oils are very concentrated, and may cause skin irritation if placed directly on the skin. So, they were mixed or diluted in coconut oil for better usage.

what is an essential oil?

Essential oils are only extracted from the root, bark, stem, leaves and aromatic portions of the plant. There are several extraction processes in practice, like the steam distillation method, cold-pressing method, and solvent extraction method to produce essential oils of absolute or concrete kinds. Essential oils are thin oils with strong aromas.

They evaporate pretty quickly Carrier Oils are also called base oils, they are the formation of vegetable and some base oils that are used to dilute essential oils. To dilute the essential oils and help “carry” them into the skin, we use carrier oils such as coconut oil or almond oil. Since essential oils can cause skin irritation or itching when used in undiluted forms.

Storage and safe use of carrier oils

Remember to keep all of your carrier oils in a cool, dark place to prolong their shelf life. Before using carrier oils just sniff them and if there is any smell “off,” it’s probably gone mephitic and the best thing you should prefer is to replace the oil.

Also, if you haven’t used any particular carrier oil before, try it with a sample quantity by applying to your skin through your fingers in a massaging way. If at all you observe any irritation or reaction try to use it with a dilution to mild oil.


Career oils and Essential oils are from the organic form of oils, despite their characteristics of concentration values. Whereas High Grade Essential Oils are found to be more concentrated than carrier oils and very strong to apply directly to the skin. To make a 2% dilution is to add 12 drops of essential oil to every 30 ml of cold pressed carrier oil.

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